Dr Nick Holdback   

D.C. M(Chiro) Sc.

Nick is the Owner/Principal Chiropractor of the clinic. Nick has a great interest in Functional Neurology which encompasses how the brain and spinal cord respond to their environment and the outworking of that response within the body.  Nick has a very wide variety of techniques to call on for investigation and treatment.

He believes very strongly in continuing education and is always striving for excellence. His techniques include manual and instrument adjusting, Applied Kinesiology, Sacral Occipital technique and Quantum Neurology.

He emphasises the importance of the optimal function of the nervous system, as every joint, muscle, organ and tissue of the body is operated by or through this system.

By treating the body whether it be an ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, elbow, hand or spine, chiropractors are removing irritation and thus impedance to the function of the nervous system.

The extent to which the individual’s nervous system can be rehabilitated will influence how well that nervous system will function and thus how well it will run the body.

Get to know Dr Nick

Outside of work Nick enjoys flying his micro-light aircraft or you may find him at the local bowling club – playing or coaching. Book an appointment with Dr Nick today.