Dr Ric Jones

B.Chiro Sc.M.Chiro.

Dr Ric is passionate about Chiropractic and believes that a holistic approach to health care achieves the best results for his patients.

Ric is particularly interested in chiropractic care for the whole family and his patients cover a whole spectrum of ages.

He is naturally drawn towards caring for sports people due to his continued involvement over the years.

He finds his further studies in Applied Kinesiology, Sacro Occipital technique and Inspiral chiropractic paediatrics technique really fit well with his chiropractic outlook.

Ric takes a lot of pleasure from helping others achieve their health goals. His  has numerous techniques including manual and instrument adjusting which he feels equips him well to handle sporting injuries as well as the many spinal and peripheral problems that his patients present him with.

He is also very happy when patients take up his offers of advice concerning exercise/rehab/nutrition and general lifestyle changes.

Get to know Dr Ric

Outside of the clinic he enjoys going for walks in the local forest also playing tennis and soccer. As Ric is a Blackwood local he enjoys being a part of this active and great community.

Ric is available in the clinic every weekday.