Dr Themis Christodoulou

B.Chiro Sc.M.Chiro.

Vhttps://blackwoodchiropracticcentre.com.au/contact-us/Themis is originally from Sydney but after completing his double degree (Bachelor of Chiropractic Science and Master of Chiropractic) he moved to Glasgow in Scotland where until recently he has practised before deciding to bring his family back to Australia. Much to our delight, they decided to settle in Adelaide.

Working in Europes biggest Chiropractic Company for nearly 13 years has given Themis a huge amount of experience. He has special interests in all spine, jaw and shoulder issues and is also well experienced in treating children and ladies during pregnancy. Themis has also treated professional Rugby and Basketball teams.

Get to know Dr Themis

Dr Themis is able to tailor his techniques to suit the patient and their individual needs and can offer diet and exercise advice if needed. Themis is available in clinic every week day except Wednesday.

Unfortunatley Dr Themis has had to return to the UK.  Call us today to book an appointment with another Chiropractor.